Paint Splatter Room

High Energy Art

Do you feel like you cant adequately express yourself? Did you trip over the set in your school play? Express yourself in our new Paint Splatter room inspired by Jackson Pollock.  were you will be able to throw paint filled sponges/ brushes/hands at a blank canvas. express yourself fully without restriction at Phat Axe American Fork. Best of all you can bring the Art home with you in a box. you can hang it on a wall or throw it in the  trash…. it is your choice. Enjoy this high energy art for the first time in Utah.

Rain Poncho, Eyeglasses, shoe coverings, and hair covers are included

Paint is machine washable

Every Experience is private- you will never be grouped together with people you don’t know

We will have larger sized canvases available and you can purchase more paint at an additional price per 2 oz bottle

Only Available Through Phat Axe American Fork

Good at any age

Splatter Room For One

Splatter Room For groups 2 to 4 people

Additional upgrades

16X20 canvas +$5

2 additional colors 2 oz each +$5

Axe and Splatter

1 hour axe + 30 min Basic Splatter room $35

Solo Splatter Room


  • 1 Canvas 16×20
  • 6 Paint Colors of your choice
  • Paint Brushes
  • 45 minutes
  • 1 person

More Below

Group Splatter Rate 2+

$25 each

  • 1 Canvas 11×14
  • 4 Paints of your choice 2 oz each
  • Box to take canvas home in
  • 45 minutes